Bells By The Beach - Pet Friendly Accommodation    Bells By The Beach Holiday House allows your pets to stay and sleep inside, day or night, on their own beds.    We have vacancies through Autumn and Winter. Check it out now!


Our doggy guests love staying at Bells By The Beach Holiday House.

There are 6 good reasons to stay at our place, 500 metres from the swimming or surf beach. 

Your dogs can…

1.  snooze in our sunny garden, run in local parks or along the beach

2.  enjoy a doggy treat on arrival

3.  snuggle up near the gas log fire on cold nights, or under the fan on hot days.

4.  freshen up at our warm outdoor shower

5.  walk their owners to the ‘Cheeky Cow’ for coffee or treat of some kind.  

6. Do you have a dog trailer?  You can park it in our garage. Relaxed animals are happy animals, knowing their owners are not far away. Extra car parking is available.

Friendly reminder – visiting animals can get stressed, lonely and bored when they are left by themselves in a strange place. When dogs are left alone our neighbors tell us some dogs bark or howl until their pet-parents return. Please take your dog with you whenever possible; we appreciate this can be difficult but there are plenty of places to relax with your dog when you out for the day or on a quick trip to the shops.

Our neighbourhood is a quiet pleasant place and we are aware that disturbances any time day or night are not conducive to happy neighbors. 

We appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Pets always stay FREE at Bells By The Beach.



When you stay at Bells By The Beach all you need are your clothes, food and drinks. Everything else is supplied, including spare towels for the beach!

Linen and towels available for hire (or you can bring your own). Pet blankets, towels, food bowls and a pet treat are included along with refreshments for human guests.

Our pantry has complimentary cooking and food items – sugar, flour, spices and sauces including soy, chilli, and tomato, olive oil, ClingWrap, baking paper, Alfoil and paper towel.   

Bells By The Beach is truly self-contained accommodation for all the family, including pets.



It’s good to be home from a holiday, to help you plan YOUR holiday.

We still have a few days available to enjoy a short stay at our dog-friendly holiday house, before Christmas.

Rate: $220 per night – up to 6 guests. Pets always stay FREE!

 Contact us TODAY on 0403 221 737 to book

We guarantee you’ll have a relaxing pet-friendly family holiday at Bells By The Beach Ocean Grove.


Open all year, 8am to 8pm – use our website form or contact us on 0403 221 737.

Group of cats and dogs